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BHCH Mineral, LTD, “BHCH”, is a family owned and operated investment partnership based in San Antonio, Texas, that purchases all or a portion of the perpetual mineral interest, royalty interest, overriding royalty interest (i.e. oil and gas income free of expenses) and non-producing minerals throughout the United States, with an emphasis in Texas and surrounding states.

BHCH has vast experience in both large and small acquisitions. Whether you are interested in dissolving a mineral estate or selling an undivided interest in minerals or royalties that you have acquired, our mineral buying team strives to be quick and straightforward throughout the whole process.

BHCH Principles

The principals of BHCH have been purchasing mineral interests for over 30 years all over the United States, with a primary focus on interests in Texas, Oklahoma, Louisiana, West Virginia, and Pennsylvania. BHCH and its affiliated entities have purchased over 12,000 individual properties and are in over 15,000 active wells throughout the US.

We Purchase Mineral & Royalty Interests
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