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Mineral Company Texas

In the United States, Texas considered among one of the richest oil reserves. The area known as the Eagle Ford houses the largest oil and gas development in the world. We at BHCH Minerals, LTD. are a mineral company in Texas. We services areas such as the Texas Panhandle, Permian, Eagle Ford and Barnett.

Because of our interest in Texas, we have taken the time to learn about the area to be able to deliver the most information to our current and future customers. We want you learn more about your mineral estate and your properties, whether or not you decide to ultimately sell. We can also help to dissolve existing mineral estates as well as selling undivided royalties. Our experience as a mineral company in Texas only helps you to become knowledgeable about what your currently have.

The principals of BHCH have been purchasing mineral interests for over 30 years. Our extensive experience in dealing with a variety of acquisitions large and small make us the perfect candidate to inspect and value your holdings. We will never oversell or undersell your properties and we will always provide the most accurate estimates, along with an explanation as to how we have priced your minerals fairly. BHCH and its affiliates have acquired over 12,000 individual properties and are in over 15,00 active wells throughout the United States. You can trust us with whatever you mineral selling needs may be.

If you are interested in selling your minerals or are simply interested in receiving an estimate for what you currently own, call us today at 210.828.6565 extension 2 or visit our website and fill out our form on our Get An Offer page. All of our estimates are completely free! We will guide you through every step of our purchase, from creating an estimate to selling your minerals.

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